Emergency Aid Equipment for International Disaster Relief: Water

Aid Equipment: WATER
Sanitation solutions in the field

Butyl Products Limited have been working with Global Aid Agencies, International Relief Agencies and National Governments since 1965, responding to emergency/humanitarian aid situations and as part of planned infrastructure development projects. Our aid equipment will be found in refugee camps and disaster zones throughout the world.

Butyl Products manufacture a range of supply, storage, treatment and water distribution systems plus kits especially manufactured for emergency aid use. Our Research & Development department is constantly developing new items and modifying existing products to meet the changing requirements of climate and conflict driven disaster needs. The engineers welcome the opportunity to work directly with Aid Agencies assisting in the design of new systems, products and equipment.

Butyl works with many charities and aid agencies
Tank Kits

Tank Kits

Pump & Generator Kits

Pump & Generator Kits

Pipes, Fittings Tools & Tapstands

Emergency Pipework, Fittings & Tapstands

Water Purification & Testing

Water Purification and Testing Kits

Complete Systems

Complete Water Systems

We provide the right, high quality product for the job from our extensive range, at a fair price.
We quickly deliver equipment and complete kits that work, worldwide.
We are trusted to do all of this by governments and NGOs such as Oxfam, UNHCR, National Red Cross Societies, ICRC and UNICEF.

If you are unsure which of our services would be most suited to your need please contact us on +44 (0)1277 653281