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Oil & Gas Defence
Temporary mine camp

Butyl Products supply site infrastructure (water and sanitation equipment and systems) for most water, fuel and sanitation situations including:

  • Fuel Sites
  • Oil and Gas Camps
  • Aviation Fuelling Sites
  • Remote Construction Projects
  • Mining Camps
  • Peace Keeping Forces Accommodation

We work with the camp designers to integrate water storage and distribution with all the accommodation, kitchen and sanitation modules as well as supplying water to any workshop or equipment maintenance unit.

Waste water and effluent removal is handled by employing standard sewage pipework and fittings connected to septic tanks or sewage treatment systems.

Our systems are designed using the following standard products as the basis.

Tank Kits & Bladder Tanks

Tanks Kits

Pump & Generator Kits

Pump & Generator Kits

Pipes, Fittings & Tools

Pipes, Fittings & Tools

Purification & Testing

Water Purification and Testing Kits

Water Treatment

Water Treatment

Through our wide ranging professional connections with specialist water treatment equipment manufacturers, we are able to recommend and source the most suitable water treatment equipment for any water source. If you are unsure which type or size would be most suited to your needs please contact us on + 44 (0)1277 653281.

We have been working with the British Forces and UN peacekeeping forces for many years.
Our water tanks have been used in Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan and have proven to be rugged and reliable in these difficult regions.
Butyl Products water & sanitation products and systems are also used in mobile hospitals, construction camps, remote mining camps and music festivals.

If you are unsure which of our services would be most suited to your need please contact us on +44 (0)1277 653281