Open Top Steel Water Storage Tanks

Water Tanks | 25/08/16
Galvanised Steel Open Top Tank for storing water
Our steel water storage tanks are ideal for both long term and temporary use and are offered in a wide range of capacities up to 1.2 Million litres.

Visit our UK Tank Store now to order your Tanks direct from the Manufacturer.

We supply all of our steel water storage tanks in kit form. The kit comprises waterproof liner, assembly instructions and all the tools you’ll need to complete the installation.

They are extensively used around the UK for a range of liquids. Recent sales indicate a variety of applications including firewater, rainwater, drinking water, liquid fertiliser and many specialist liquids used in manufacturing. 

We recently completed a major tank project for MonoEthylene Glycol storage in the Shetland Islands. The project called for 4,500,000 litre capacity. We supplied and installed 9 tanks, each 4.59m high x 11.98m diameter. More information on this project HERE.

Domestic Steel Water Tanks
No base structure required: they can be built on any flat ground.
They are suitable for all climates.
Our largest tanks can be erected in under 8 hours by 3 people.


Water Storage Tanks: Body

The main tank structure comprises corrugated G450 galvanised steel panels. The panels are punched and curved to suit the tank size. Galvanised round headed bolts (M10 or M12 depending on tank size), washers & nuts are provided as part of the tank kit. The steel panels are easily assembled to form a steel ring at the required diameter and height. The top edge of the steel is protected by a circular plastic capping piece.

Water Storage Tanks: Lining

We offer a range of lining materials in varying thicknesses to perfectly match your application. Simply put, our liners offer impressive savings in terms of cost effectiveness and longevity compared to other similarly priced materials.

Our UK tank store offers rubber linings for both potable and non-potable use. We can also supply replacement liners in both Butyl rubber and EPDM. We’ll help you select suitable lining material based on the tank application.

We prefabricate a watertight bag that fits neatly into the steel structure. This lining is secured to the top of the tank using protective capping pieces and spring clips so the tank liner is not at risk of damage by the tank steels.

We’re always pleased to discuss your specific requirements on 01277 653 281. If you prefer, drop us a line using the contact page, and we’ll respond right away.

Water Storage Tanks: Fittings
2″, 3″ or 4″ BSP (M) Through tank fittings provided for inlet / outlet use.
They are positioned where required & fitted with ball valves or gate valves.
Water Storage Tanks: Roofs

Most storage tanks in the UK are used as ‘open top’ for rainwater harvesting. Where a roof is required we offer 3 options: Galvanised G600 sheet steel, Quilted ‘bubble blanket or Anti Algae covers.

Water Storage Tanks: Heaters

Anti-freezing immersion heaters can be fitted and controlled by frost stats.  Warming the tank contents helps prevent freezing in colder climates.