Berkefeld basic Water Treatment Unit 4m3/hr

Berkefeld Water Treatment Unit: 10m³ / hour

A basic water treatment unit using pre-chlorination and flocculation, coagulation with ferric chloride with replaceable candle filters. The unit is capable of producing 10m³ drinking water per hour at 75NTU and can reduce maximum turbidity from 500NTU to 5NTU. The TWA10 meets WHO (world Health Organisation) recommendations for disinfection. The unit comprises 2 candle filter pressure housings with backwash valve, suction and delivery hose, 4 x 12m³ raw water storage tanks and 2 treated water storage tanks, chlorine dosing unit, mixing buckets and distribution tapstand. Consumables for 90 days operation are included with this kit.

This unit is supplied in accordance with the following agency specifications:

IFRC & RCS Approved


IFRC & RCS (Red Cross & Red Crescent) order code: WWTUBERKTWA2

Product Specifications

This unit cannot desalinate brackish or salt water. This kit forms part of the Water and Sanitation ERU module.

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