Berkefeld basic Water Treatment Unit 4m3/hr
Berkefeld Water Treatment Unit

Berkefeld Water Treatment Unit: 4m³ / hour


Providing safe drinking water is a priority in disaster and emergency situations and this lightweight, mobile water treatment unit is ideal for first phase emergency response. The TWA4 uses simple yet advanced purification technology (coagulation, flocculation, sand filtration, micron filtration and chlorination). The Berkefeld unit is capable of producing 4m³ of safe drinking water per hour from rivers, lakes, ponds and wells, depending on raw water quality, and meets WHO (World Health Organisation) recommended levels for disinfection. It can run entirely without electricity, and is extremely user friendly: Untrained staff can operate the unit easily with only brief instructions. Dry or liquid chemicals can be used, the unit requires no special tablets. The compact packaging means the unit can be transported easily on Euro pallets by airfreight, ensuring the swift response that’s required in disaster relief operations.

This product is supplied in accordance with the following agency specifications:

IFRC & RCS ApprovedOxfam Logo  


Compatible with Oxfam order Code: FWTAP/2

Compatible with IFRC & RCS (Red Cross & Red Crescent) order code: WWTULMSU04

Product Specifications

Kit supplied in a maximum of 3 ISPM15 heat treated plywood cases suitable for export.

Approximate dimensions:

Crate 1 – 101 x 64 x 127cm

Crate 2 – 106 x 79 x 144cm

Crate 3 – 79 x 81 x 155cm

Weight 615 kg

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