Replacement Liner for 1.83m (6′) ∅ Tank


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Replacement steel tank liners are offered to suit a wide range of tank sizes. Liners are supplied with capping and clips to secure them to the top of the tank. Our rubber tank liners are flexible, durable and robust enough to withstand many years use and are widely employed throughout the UK for rainwater harvesting, irrigation and farming applications. All of our replacement tank liners are manufactured to order and made using British EPDM or Butyl rubber. All seams are fully welded by our experienced technicians.

We do not use tape or glue to join our liners.

EPDM rubber tank liners are guaranteed for 5 years. Butyl rubber tank liners are guaranteed for 10 years. Specification sheets and chemical resistance charts can be downloaded from the tab below.


Our tanks and replacement liners are intended to store water and liquids with a specific gravity of 1.

If you require a tank or liner to store slurry, please contact our team for a tailor made quotation as specific legislative requirements must be met.

Product Specifications

Nominal capacities (including 0.15m freeboard) for replacement liners on this page as follows:

1 Ring high (0.81m / 2’6″) = 1,960 Litres (431.1 Imperial Gallons)

2 Ring high (1.52m / 5′) = 3,920 Litres (862.3 Imperial Gallons)

3 Ring high (2.28m / 7’6″) = 5,880 Litres (1,293.4 Imperial Gallons)

4 Ring high (3.04m / 10′) = 7,840 Litres (1,724.6 Imperial Gallons)

5 Ring high (3.84m / 12’6′) = 9,800 Litres (2,155.7 Imperial Gallons)

6 Ring high (4.59m / 15′) = 11,760 Litres (2,586.8 Imperial Gallons)

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Downloads for this product:

Material Specification - 0.75mm EPDM RubberMaterial Specification - 1.00mm EPDM RubberMaterial Specification - 0.75mm & 1.00mm Butyl RubberChemical resistance chart for Butyl RubberChemical resistance chart for EPDM Rubber