SE200 Community Chlorine Maker


The SE200™ Community Chlorine Maker is changing how citizens in low-resource communities around the world are creating safe drinking water. In just five minutes, with the push of a button, the device creates chlorine using only water, salt and electricity. Each batch produces enough chlorine to make 200 liters of water that’s safe to drink.


The Chlorine Maker couldn’t be easier to use. Simply mix salt and water, add to the reaction cell and push the start button. Indicator lights and sounds signal a successful completion, or trouble-shooting options. It takes just five minutes to produce enough chlorine to make 200 litres of safe drinking water, and can treat up to 40,000 litres from just one 12V (80 amp-hour) car battery.

Product Specifications

What kind of salt does the Chlorine Maker require?

Any kind of table salt (no MSG or other non-NaCl flavor substances).

What kind of water does the Chlorine Maker require?

Any water that you’re planning to drink after treatment. Start with the clearest water possible and avoid extremely murky or sludgy water.

What kind of battery do I need to operate the Chlorine Maker?

Any 12 Volt battery over 7 amp-hours. These are usually motorcycle or car batteries and range from 7 amp-hours to 80 amp-hours. Make sure you have the means to charge the battery ! You can also use mains power if it is available.

How do I know the water is safe to drink after treating it with the chlorine produced by the Chlorine Maker?

Use the chlorine test strips provided. the kit comes with ten test strips that will help you to determine if the water has a safe chlorine residual. You can use any test strips that test in a range from 0-5ppm. The target concentration range is 0.2 to 2ppm, 30 minutes after treating the water.

Does the Chlorine Maker come with a warranty?

Yes, it comes with a one year limited warranty that protects against manufacture defects. If something is not working properly, we want to know about it.

What do I do if my Chlorine Maker breaks?

First check your trouble-shooting guide for common issues. You may just need to charge your battery, or add more salt (the two most common problems) If your device still isn’t working, and you suspect it’s a manufacturer’s defect, please email us at or call us on +44 (0) 1277 653 281 and we’ll help you figure it out.    

Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 10 × 26 × 27 cm

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