Emergency Aid Equipment

Butyl Products Ltd. have been working with Global Aid Agencies, International Relief Agencies and National Governments since 1970, responding to emergency / humanitarian aid situations and as part of planned infrastructure development projects. Our equipment will be found in refugee camps and disaster zones throughout the world. Our Research & Development engineers are constantly designing and developing new items and modifying existing products to meet the changing requirements of climate and conflict driven disaster needs, and we welcome the opportunity to work with Aid Agencies assisting in the design of new systems and equipment.

  • We provide the right, high quality product for the job from our extensive range, at a fair price.
  • We quickly deliver equipment and complete kits that work, worldwide.
  • We are trusted to do all of this by governments and NGOs all over the world including Save the Children, UNHCR, International Red Cross Federations and Societies, ICRC & UNICEF.

Products are coded according to humanitarian agency specifications where applicable, making it possible to create a quotation request (RFQ) basket that is sent directly to our sales team for action when you check out. You will also be able to share your filled quote basket via email with other members of your organisation.

  • Water Storage

    We offer a range of water storage tanks for emergency use where instant temporary water storage is required or for longer term solutions where semi permanent systems are placed in relief camps, field hospitals and as part of remote camp infrastructure.

    Water Storage
  • Pumps Range

    Rugged, durable pumps for use in harsh environments handling raw / potable water, sludge & mud. They can be diesel, petrol or electric driven for a variety of processes and industrial applications including irrigation, fuel transfer, fire protection, emergency water supply, sludge / sewage handling, wastewater drainage and dewatering.

    Pumps Range
  • Water Distribution

    We have a comprehensive range of water distribution equipment at our disposal, so we can quickly despatch orders to hundreds of destinations around the world: enabling you to start distributing water where it's needed most as quickly as possible.

    Water Distribution
  • Water Treatment

    We supply tablets and granules for water purification and disinfection in a variety of sizes. We are also the official European stockist and distributor for Procter & Gamble 'Purifier of Water' sachets for cleaning and disinfecting dirty water.

    Water Treatment
  • Water Testing

    We supply a full range of water testing equipment that can be configured or upgraded to cover all of the tests required to produce safe drinking water wherever it is needed, no matter how remote the location.

    Water Testing
  • Sanitation & Hygiene

    Our longstanding experience of working in collaboration with international aid organisations makes us well equipped to meet emergency requirements across the globe following a disaster, emergency or humanitarian crisis.

    Sanitation & Hygiene
  • Personal Protection & Vector Control

    A range of products that meet all the basic hygiene requirements for emergency response, including protective clothing, backpack sprayers and insecticides for vector control and tools and equipment for disinfection, rubbish removal.

    Personal Protection & Vector Control
  • Fuel Storage & Distribution

    A range of fuel storage, spill containment and distribution equipment to suit most applications. Our heavy duty equipment is robustly designed for use in all climates with temperatures ranging between -32C and +65C.

    Fuel Storage & Distribution
  • Disaster & Emergency Response

    Our kits provide equipment for water treatment, distribution and trucking, basic sanitation and hygiene promotion.Smart, fast and efficient supply chain management guarantees a rapid response to your emergency and replenishment needs, no matter where in the world you need it.

    Disaster & Emergency Response