River, Canal & Stream Linings

We offer design, supply and installation services for river, canal and stream linings.

We have a great deal of experience in this area, having worked on over one hundred River, Canal or Stream linings over the last forty years.

This type of lining project can be carried out using a number of geomembranes from our extensive range. We are confident that we’ll have exactly the right material to suit your application.

Contact us now. Our engineers will be pleased to discuss your requirements and welcome the opportunity to provide a quotation for your project. 

As an example when we lined a 5 kilometre stretch of the Montgomery Canal, some areas with ground contamination were lined in LLDPE. Areas where settlement was expected were lined in Butyl rubber and an area of oil contaminated ground was lined using reinforced polypropylene.

However, the most important aspects were in designing a liner protection system and the fixing methods to existing structures including locks, sheet piling and an aquaduct.

Rivers, streams and canals all present similar lining requirements. In all cases the project must not appear lined and it must not be possible to damage the liner – even by boat anchors.

Further information, case studies, chemical resistance charts and spec sheets for all of our materials can be found on our dedicated geomembrane linings & installations site linked below.

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Image top right:

Montgomery canal

Images Left:

Stream lining works in progress

Water diverting stream: Glasgow to Edinburgh Canal