OEM Component Manufacture

We have a wide range of specialist equipment at our Billericay manufacturing facility which allows us to produce a great variety of flexible fabricated OEM components.

Whether you need a 1 off special for development projects or batch production, we can handle it. All of our manufactured products are fully welded, tested and guaranteed in accordance with our ISO 9001 quality standards. We work with Butyl rubber, Polyurethane, PVC, EPDM rubber, Polypropylene, Elvaloy, Nitrile Rubber and Polyethylene in thickness ranging from 0.5mm to 3.00mm with a range of engineering equipment on site that allows us to produce metal attachments and details, such as eyelets and frames.

Example Small Batch Production Projects:

  • NBC Equipment. Up to 1,000 NBC Boots per month for the Ministry of Defence
  • Up to 20 Cellar liners per month in various sizes
  • Bespoke pressure vessel linings for development projects and up to 10 units per week for fire fighting applications worldwide
  • Bespoke tank linings for tank manufacturers and up to 10 units per week for Water Inspectorate Industry applications
  • Rubber boat prototypes for stress assessment for the RNLI

OEM Component manufacture: Triad WelderOEM component manufacture: Unimat Welding MachineOEM component manufacture: Miller Welding OEM component manufacture: Vulcanising in progress OEM component manufacture: Welding Equipment and Machinery          




We are always keen to work with clients to develop components to meet their needs. Our expertise lies in producing 1 off prototypes and then through testing, development and tooling, moving to batch production.  


We have the largest rubber vulcanising press in the world: We have a potential output of 2,000m² per day of prefabricated rubber panels, and one hit vulcanising capability for lengths up to 15m. The machine operates using heat and pressure over time to produce extremely strong, fully cured welded seams in both EPDM and Butyl rubber.

Hot Air and Hot Wedge Welding

Both fusion welding methods are used for fast, high strength welds in all of our thermoplastic materials.

High Frequency (Radio Frequency) Welding

Our state of the art HF welding machine uses an electromagnetic charge and pressure to produce high quality welds up to 1.50m per hit. The machine is a fully automated track welder with a 15.0m track.

Images right: 15m Vulcanising Press  & 15m High Frequency Welder