Types of Pond Liner: Material Suitability

Types of Pond Liner

We offer several types of pond liner material depending on our customer’s requirements and budgets. Our recommendation for garden ponds will always be British manufactured Butyl Rubber Liner. It’s simply the best pond liner material for the job !

Why? Here are just a few reasons we can think of right away.

UK Manufactured

It’s 100% British manufactured for starters.


  • Butyl Rubber can be fully vulcanised (welded) by our factory technicians, providing inseparable seams. This means glue and tapes are never needed (which won’t last anywhere near as long as a good permanent vulcanised weld).
  • It’s a fish friendly liner and completely non toxic to all forms of aquatic life. This includes Frogs, Toads and Newts.
  • The material is UV stable and will not crack or split if areas are exposed to the sun and allowed to dry out.
  • Its well known for overall durability, characteristics and expected working lifetime of around 50 years. This means that for a few extra pounds at the start of your project, the savings are immeasurable over time as you won’t need to replace the liner due to failure for a considerably longer time than other cheaper materials on the market today.
  • We guarantee our workmanship, and our Butyl rubber liners carry a genuine 20 year warranty for your peace of mind.
  • Our genuine British Made Butyl Rubber is offered at the very best price you will find on the internet – we check it regularly.

Of course we do understand that budgets can sometimes be tight, so we’ve developed a British made EPDM material for just this reason.

Our fish friendly EPDM features many of the benefits of Butyl rubber in terms of flexibility and UV resistance. The only concession is that our EPDM has an expected working lifetime of around 30 years where Butyl rubber offers a much longer 50 years. In view of this, our EPDM carries a genuine 10 year warranty.

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Our Pond Lining Material Suitability Chart shows that Butyl Rubber really does tick all the boxes.

Pond Liner Material Suitability Chart

How Much Pond Liner Material Do I Need?

Take a look at our pond liner design & installation guide for details on how to calculate  liner size manually. If you prefer a little help, take advantage of our online pond calculator and let us work it out for you. All you need is to measure your maximum width, length and depth and the calculator can do the rest. If you use our online ordering system for pond liners, our calculator will work out how much material you need based on your own measurements. If you know the size of the sheet you want – simply add your required length and width for accurate pricing.

If your pond has a complex plan or shape that may require bespoke welding. Our Engineering Team will be pleased to discuss your project. We always offer friendly, professional advice and competitive pricing for the materials you may need.

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Do I need 0.75mm or 1.00mm material?

Our recommended pond lining rubber materials come in two thicknesses, 0.75mm and 1.00mm.

0.75mm thickness is recommended for most flat sheet pond liners. We also recommend a protective layer of our G3000 puncture resistant Geotextile beneath to turn away root growth, sharp stones and other debris that might damage your liner. Using the same protective layer on top of the liner will protect it from animals with sharp claws or beaks, items thrown or dropped into the pond or decorative rocks stones or pots that might be placed into the lined area.

1.00mm thickness is recommended for all bespoke box welded or made to measure liners. It is also recommended for flat sheets liners where overlay protection is not suitable.

Do I Need Liner Protection Underlay and Overlay?

Our G3000 puncture resistant liner protection Geotextile is made from a tough spun polypropylene fibre and is ideal for use with our rubber lining materials. Our online liner calculator will automatically add the correct amount for the size of your pond if you select it as an option.

Underlay – Recommended for all of our flat sheets and box welded or made to measure liners.

Overlay – Recommended for use with all flat sheet liners and especially where a natural look is required i.e. placing earth or stone on top of the lining. The material is lightweight and will float – so you’ll need to weigh it down with soil, stones or gravel. It’s great for encouraging wildlife to visit and provides a totally natural look for your pond. Overlay is not suitable for ponds with vertical or very steep walls.