Modular Wastewater System


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Remote location wastewater treatment plant. – MWS.

Whenever people are temporarily living at a remote location, they will have a requirement for food, water, and sanitation. Such a group will produce communal wastewater, and this will present dangers to local people and all those downstream. The microbiological as well as chemical impact can harm the local population as well as the environment.

To prevent downstream contaminations, spread of diseases and the environmental impact, an appropriate wastewater treatment system must be designed, implemented, and properly run in a sustainable and continuous way.

The MWS is a modular system designed to assist with local requirements based on the number of people on the site. The waste stream is treated with efficient, low-energy processes that will destroy all dangerous pathogens. The discharge water can be deployed directly into an existing drainage system. Alternatively, it can be stored and used for garden watering or agricultural irrigation. The output liquid will be pathogen free and contain nutrients and phosphates (liquid fertilizer).

Each MWS can be installed in around 7-20 days (depending on the size of the facility,) using supplied technical support and local labour.

Results based on 800-person facility recently installed in Germany:

Daily input of waste 80,000 – 120,000 litres

Total storage available – 300,000 litres (4 x O2T75 tanks)

Retention time – 8-16 hours

Operational in 11 days.

Staffing requirements – 4 x skilled and 6 x local labour (for initial setup)

Site based Lab facilities for testing fecal sludge, ammonia, and nitrogen (training provided for local staff.)

Please contact our projects team to discuss how we can tailor the Modular Wastewater System to suit your requirements.