Surge Vessel Bladders, Air & Gas Tight

We can produce surge vessel bladders, air and gas tight enclosures and containers to suit your requirements from reinforced and unreinforced rubber & plastic materials.

Our skilled technicians can accommodate your needs whether your bag must be self-supporting or contained within a structure.

We have been manufacturing liquid and airtight products using flexible membranes for over 45 years. Our specialist rubber fabrications are used in a wide variety of industries. Industry areas that we work in include Civil Engineering, Medical, Aerospace, Military, Atomic Energy, Marine and Automotive.

Many of our products are used to contain aggressive chemicals. These could be hazardous if not properly controlled. Other items, such as air bags, can be used for lifting objects, sealing pipes or blocking chimneys and drains.

Gas and Air bags

  • To fit inside pressure vessels.
  • Self supporting.
  • Sizes up to 5m diameter/15m long.
  • Incorporating moulded outlets or steel connections.

Typical air and gas tight containers:-

  • Inflatable Helium bags.
  • Methane collection bags.
  • Airbags for sealing pipes or flues for lifting.
  • Pressure Equalising Bags.
  • Anti-Surge System Bladders.
  • Proportionating Bladders for fire suppression systems.
  • Vertical & Horizontal Foam Concentrate Bladders.

Pressure and Lifting Bags

  • Controlled lifting of delicate loads.
  • Standard sizes or special shapes.
  • Produced from reinforced materials.

Inflatable Structures

  • Used as cushions.
  • Used as protectors.
  • Pipe sealing and drain blocking.
  • Safety ‘fall’ bags.