Stock Pond Liners ready for immediate dispatch

From: £88.80

The Butyl Products Group stock a range of pond liners and geotextile bases ready for immediate dispatch. 

Our Butyl Liner comes with a lifetime guarantee! 

We hold a variety of sizes, one of which may just suit your needs! 

If you require something more bespoke then please head over to made to measure!


Made from either 0.75mm Butyl Rubber or G3000 Geotextile. 

Range of sizes from 3.375m x 2.0m to 6.72m x 7.0m.

In stock and ready for fast dispatch.

Lifetime guarantee. 

Perfect for any kind of pond.

Product Specifications


7m2 – Geotextile – To suit Pond1, 11m2 – Geotextile – To suit Pond2, 14m2 – Geotextile – To suit Pond3, 18m2 – Geotextile – To suit Pond4, 21m2 – Geotextile – To suit Pond5, 25m2 – Geotextile – To suit Pond6, 21m2 – Geotextile – To suit Pond7, 26m2 – Geotextile – To suit Pond8, 28m2 – Geotextile – To suit Pond11, 32m2 – Geotextile – To suit Pond9, 37m2 – Geotextile – To suit Pond10, 42m2 – Geotextile – to suit Pond12, 49m2 – Geotextile – To suit Pond13

Stock Pond Sizes

Pond 11 – 6.72m x 4.0m – 0.75mm Butyl, Pond1 – 3.375m x 2.0m – 0.75mm Butyl, Pond10 – 5.05m x 7.0m – 0.75mm Butyl, Pond11 – 6.72m x 4.0m – 0.75mm Butyl, Pond12 – 6.72m x 6.0m – 0.75mm Butyl, Pond13 – 6.72m x 7.0m – 0.75mm Butyl, Pond2 – 3.375m x 3.0m – 0.75mm Butyl, Pond3 – 3.375m x 4.0m – 0.75mm Butyl, Pond4 – 3.375m x 5.0m – 0.75mm Butyl, Pond5 – 3.375m x 6.0m – 0.75mm Butyl, Pond6 – 3.375m x 7.0m – 0.75mm Butyl, Pond7 – 5.05m x 4.0m – 0.75mm Butyl, Pond8 – 5.05m x 5.0m – 0.75mm Butyl, Pond9 – 5.05m x 6.0m – 0.75mm Butyl

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Butyl Material Specification Sheet

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