Green Roofs – Good for the Environment

Living or Green roofs are increasing in popularity throughout the UK following the long tradition of installing green roofs in European countries.

Canada and the United States have also seen an increase in demand in recent years according to . Green roofs offer numerous benefits, providing long term improvements for the public, for private individuals, companies and of course – for the environment – Plus they look GREAT !

Green Roof New Build at VC@Suanpaak, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Green Roof new build at VC@Suanpaak, Chiang Mai, Thailand

We welcome the opportunity to provide you with superior quality rubber geomembranes and spunbound polypropylene geotextiles for your new or existing green roof project. Our sales team will be pleased to discuss your project and provide competitive pricing for your lining requirements. For expert installation services, we would be happy to provide recommendations for installers that we have worked with for many years. Contact us now or order online


Benefits for you as a homeowner / business owner:
  • Greater energy efficiency: The living roof provides far better insulation than a standard roof, therefore less heat is lost and building temperatures can be moderated using far less energy.
  • A green roof can help to reduce noise from the outside as they have excellent noise attenuation properties.
  • Installing a green roof is not only pleasing to the eye, it can also help to improve the value of your property.
Benefits for the public and the environment:
  • Encourages greater biodiversity by providing wildlife habitats in built up / urban areas
  • Helps to reduce demands on landfill sites as waste items can be recycled to provide points of interest and growing medium on a green roof.
  • Plants can help to trap airborne pollutants, leading to improvements in air quality.
  • Green roofs trap rainwater in the substrate, which is later taken up by plants. This can help to reduce and delay stormwater runoff, which puts less pressure on sewer and drainage systems.
  • Growing plants absorb light which would otherwise be converted into heat energy – installation of green roofs in cities can help to reduce the Urban Heat Island effect in built up areas by helping to cool buildings through the dew and evaporation cycle naturally employed by the plants.

Green roofs can be incorporated into almost any building. See images below where green roofs have been installed on school buildings, garages and even recycled shipping containers !

All below images courtesy of Grass Roof Company

SmallGrassRoof_1SmallGrassRoof_container_1 SmallGrassRoof_outdoor-classrooms4Flat-Sheet-and-Geotextile-roof-demoGreen-Roof-Completed SmallGrassRoofshelter-bike2Grass-Roof-2Small-roof-2aGarage-and-Log-Store-with-Decorative-drain-detail