Berms, Bund Linings & Fuel Tank Liners

We offer a range of tank linings, berms and bund linings to suit almost any environment. Butyl Products Ltd. can design, supply and install linings for primary and secondary containment of petrochemicals

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Primary Containment Geomembranes are used for primary containment as tank linings or for secondary containment as bund lining.

Secondary Containment Secondary containment is achieved in most chemical/oil tank situations by building the tank inside a reservoir – in this case called a ‘bund’ – which has sufficient capacity to contain the contents of the tank should it leak or fail.

Bund lining materials must have a chemical resistance suitable for primary containment of the stored product plus the strength and other required resistances for long term exposure to the atmosphere where the bund is located (as the bunds stand empty all their life). For this reason, reinforced materials are often used for bund lining. Chemical resistances must include rainwater and other localised contamination (for example on an aerodrome there is often aviation fuel contamination from aircraft engine exhaust).

Images Right:

Bund linings in blue reinforced PVC for chemical storage tanks we installed in the Shetland Islands for Halliburton Group.

Internal tank and roof linings manufactured from Butyl Rubber to contain Mono Ethylene Glycol.

Bund lining is normally carried out in two stages:-

Stage 1: A lining is placed below the tank base that extends approx. 2.00m beyond the tank. The tank is then built, filled and left so any settlement can occur.

Stage 2: The (reservoir) bund is then lined and the base lining welded to the previously installed section of base lining, which is under the tank.

Leakage monitoring is often carried out by installing through liner suction or drainage pipes. These are sealed to the liner by using standard pipe sleeves or by flange assemblies where the liner acts as a gasket.

Butyl Products Ltd. have over 40 years experience in bund lining and have carried out many retro-fitted below tank linings where a liner is fitted below a tank after it has been jacked up.

Image left: Bund lining installed beneath large chemical storage tanks

Temporary/Portable Spill Containment Berm

Portable Berms are manufactured for the safe secondary containment of petrochemicals (oil, diesel, petrol) in drums, bags or bladder tanks.

All Berms are supplied packed in a plywood case, ready for dispatch worldwide, and include all the necessary tools, instruction manuals, spares and repair kit.

  • Suitable for all climates.
  • Suitable for all petrochemicals.
  • Erected by 3 people within 1 hour.
  • Re-useable at different locations.

Berm Frame The common feature of the portable Berms is the steel framework which forms a module 1.5m wide by 0.3m high galvanised steel pipe and cast aluminium fittings. Each fitting is locked into position by a hexagon socket screw tightened by an allen key (provided).

Berm Material The berm’s geomembrane liner is fabricated from 1.00mm thick nylon reinforced Elvaloy.

  • Tensile strength 265 dan/scm.
  • Puncture resistance 267 dan.
  • Hydrostatic resistance 4.1 MPa.

The material is resistant to all petrochemicals and a wide range of acids and alkalis.

Packing All Berms are packed in plywood cases ready for export.

Portable Berm Sizes and Capacities Berms are manufactured to meet customer requirements so can be produced in any size.