Camp Infrastructure

Field office personnel, remote locations and short-term site teams: there are many occasions when organisations set up temporary personnel camps and these have similar requirements to field hospitals and refugee camps for displaced people. We specialise in designing water storage and distribution systems for all of these applications. We supply equipment in kit form with full building instructions. We provide every component needed to treat, store, pump and distribute water.

  • We supply site infrastructure for water, fuel and sanitation applications including: Fuel sites, Oil & Gas exploration camps, Aviation fuelling sites, Remote construction projects, Mining camps and Peacekeeping forces accommodation.
  • We work with camp designers to integrate water storage / distribution with all accommodation, ablution, laundry, kitchen and sanitation modules as well as water supply for workshops & equipment maintenance units.
  • Emergency Power, Aircon, Refrigeration

    Alongside our selection of portable and static generators we offer a range of equipment suitable for temporary or remote camps, including emergency and portable lighting, air conditioning and refrigeration units that are not connected to established fixed infrastructure.We design complete packages to suit your requirements upon request.

    Emergency Power, Aircon, Refrigeration
  • Household Kits and Equipment

    Non food items such as cleaning, cooking and tableware kits are often required during an emergency. They can be vital in helping to prevent spread of disease in difficult situations.

    Our range offers kitchen utensils and cooking equipment, stoves and tableware as well as personal hygiene and laundry consumables suitable for small groups of 4 or 5 people.

    Household Kits and Equipment
  • Water Storage & Distribution

    We offer several options for water storage, including rigid galvanised steel tanks for mid to long term use and short to mid term flexible onion, bladder and pillow tanks for easy installation. Our range of pumping, pipework and distribution equipment is extensive, offering quality and durability as standard.

    Water Storage & Distribution
  • Water Treatment & Testing

    Water testing equipment and consumables from a range of manufacturers offering a wide variety of testing parameters. Water treatment, chlorination and disinfection is largely covered by the widely known Aquatabs brand, popular throughout the world for its ease of use and efficacy.

    Water Treatment & Testing
  • Fuel Storage, Distribution & Spill Containment

    A range of equipment designed for storing, managing and distributing fuels in remote areas. Our fuel storage bladders are robust and easily deployed, our berms and bunds are a highly effective containment solution, and our distribution equipment offers a variety of fittings ensuring compatibility with existing systems.

    Fuel Storage, Distribution & Spill Containment
  • Sanitation, Hygiene & Vector Control

    We supply a range of compatible products and consumables that meet all the basic hygiene requirements in emergency response situations from simple bars of soap to large scale disinfection, personal protective clothing kits, safety equipment and vector control.

    Sanitation, Hygiene & Vector Control