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There are over 380,000 farms and agricultural holdings across England, covering some 900,000 hectares. Demand for water resources remains high with around 86% of farms in 2014/2015 citing mains water as their primary source and less than 1% using rainwater harvesting. Water resource management is therefore becoming increasingly important, and with Government Grants available under the Countryside Productivity Scheme, there’s no better time to think about rainwater harvesting as a source for your water requirements.

Rainwater harvesting tanks and lagoons can help to alleviate some of the demand placed upon mains supply, boreholes, rivers, springs and streams by providing up to 40% of your required water. Reusing rainwater collected from large roof areas to wash down machinery, irrigate crops or provide drinking water for livestock makes great environmental sense. In addition, the cost saving implications also make it an economically sound choice.

We’ve been supplying the Agricultural industry for over 40 years.
We can manufacture, supply and install water storage tanks, lagoon and reservoir liners.
Our range and scope offers storage solutions for water volumes ranging from 2,000 to over 1 million litres.


What benefits can you expect from rainwater harvesting ?

  • Using Rainwater harvesting for all or part of your water requirement can reduce expenditure on mains supply charges. It also helps to reduce demand on groundwater sources
  • There is potential for improved drainage and a reduction in the amount of water entering slurry stores, dirty water tanks or flowing across yard areas. 
  • Rainwater does not contain the additives that treated water does. It is therefore considered better quality for irrigation in some cases
  • Harvesting rainwater helps alleviate flooding, soil erosion and ground compaction
With the current climate there is a 1 in 3 chance of new monthly rainfall records in at least one region each winter for the next ten years, the Met Office predicts.


For more information please see the Environment Agency Booklet   
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Irrigation Reservoir

Example of our work:  Irrigation Reservoir, St. Helena

(statistics extracted from DEFRA Agricultural census, August 2016)