Some interesting snippets from a former employee…

We were thrilled to be contacted by one of our former engineers a short while ago, who very kindly added a little more to our Butyl family history and provided some amazing photos that we’d like to share.

Paul B. was one of the original Esso Research engineers that helped to develop and first introduced the hot bonding method we still use today to our founder Wynk Young way back in 1965. He also told us about his work for Butyl Products Ltd. in Kenya between 1967 and 1972, and also South Africa between 1972 and 1981.

The opening image on our homepage news panel shows the very first African impermeable canal lining shortly after installation in 1966, how wonderful to have been sent such a great piece of our history.

Here’s a couple more images that Paul very kindly shared with us. He recently retired after a staggering 52 years in the industry.

Thanks so much Paul for sharing your memories and photos with us.

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 Early grain silo lining project, Kenya, 1969 

  Ranch reservoir Lining project, Kenya, 1970   

 Water Reservoir Installation Project, Zambia, 1971

Top to Bottom: Grain Silos in Kitale, Kenya, 1969 ; Ranch Reservoir Lining project, Kenya, 1970 ; Water Reservoir Construction, Zambia, 1971