Electric Driven Self Priming Pumps
Close Coupled Unit

Electric Motor Driven Self Priming Pumps


A general purpose 2″, 3″ or 4″ self priming centrifugal pump range suitable for heavy duty dewatering (both fresh and seawater), chemical handling and potable water supply. Solids handling capabilities range between 17mm and 37mm Ø.

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This item is supplied in accordance with the following agency specifications:

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IRC (International Rescue Committee) order codes as follows:

IRC/A3:29 – 2″ Water Pumpset (30m³/hour @ 10m head)

IRC/A3:30 – 2″ Water Pumpset (30m³/hour @20m head)

IRC/A3:31 – 2″ Water Pumpset (30m³/hour at 50m head)

IRC/A3:32 – 3″ Water Pumpset (40m³/hour @ 16m head)

IRC/A3:33 – 3″ Water Pumpset (40m³/hour @ 30m head)

IRC/A3:34 – 3″ Water Pumpset (50m³/hour @ 45m head)

IRC/A3:35 – 4″ Water Pumpset (100m³/hour @ 14m head)

IRC/A3:36 – 4″ Water Pumpset (100m³/hour @ 37m head)

Product Specifications

All pumps in this range have the following characteristics:

  • Self priming to 7m
  • Robust cast iron construction
  • Long coupled or monobloc design
  • Fabricated steel baseplate / skid
  • Integral non return valve
  • Renewable wear plate
  • Carbon / ceramic mechanical seal
  • Stainless steel shaft sleeve
  • Removable screwed BSP (M) connections
  • Flexible shaft coupling and guard

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