ETP50B Self Priming Centrifugal Pump 2″

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A lightweight and extremely portable 2″ self priming petrol driven pump.

Key features:

  • Highly portable
  • Easy maintenance – no special tools needed
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Solids handling to 27mm
  • Self priming (wet prime) with a suction lift up to 7.5m
For technical help and advice we recommend visiting our specialist Pump Division.


The ETP50B is one of 3 models in this series. All are lightweight, highly portable, self priming petrol driven pumps.

Perfect for multiple applications including emergency response, general construction and industrial dewatering.

The pump unit is supplied mounted in a robust roll over frame for increased durability on site.

They’re designed to be ready to go – whenever you are, providing peak performance at a moments notice.

Product Specifications


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ETP50B Specification    
Suction / Discharge   2.0″ BSP Threaded
Max. Flow Rate l/min 830
Max. Head m 28
Solids Handling mm 27 (1.06″)
Weight (dry) kg 32
Impeller Type   Semi Open
Impeller   Aluminium alloy
UNI 3504
Wear Plate   Rubber lined Alumimium alloy
UNI 3504
Pump Housing   Aluminium alloy
UNI 3504
Shaft   Brass
UNI 5705
Mechanical Seal   Silicone Carbide
Elastomers   Nitrile Rubber
Non Return Valve   Stainless AISI 316
Engine Model   Honda GX 160 Gasoline
Displacement cm3 163
Number of Cylinders   1
Max. Power kW 4.0
Speed (Variable max) rpm 3600
Starter Type   recoil
Max. Fuel Consumption l/h 1.4
Fuel Tank Capacity l 3.6



Downloads for this product:

ETP Pump Series Data Sheet