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Family Water Filter Kit

The Family Water Filter Kit is 50% more efficient than other filters and 20 times more effective in terms of life expectancy.

A manually operated family water filter kit with a flow rate of up to 90 litres per hour.
Operational lifetime of up to 5 years with a built in flushing and backwash system.
Kit includes 25 litre HDPE bucket with lid for collecting untreated water and water filter unit.
Designed and manufactured in the UK.


The family water filter kit is easy to use and requires no power.

It is manually operated and highly portable: means that the filter Kit can be used anywhere there is a suitable water source.
The family water filter has been tested and approved under EPA-US National Primary Drinking Water Regulations and has a Bacteria retention of Log 7 and a Virus retention of Log 5.

Product Specifications

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