Geotextile Pond Liner Underlay, G3000 250g/m²


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Our 3000CBR protective fleece matting is a non-woven polypropylene that’s designed to be puncture resistant. We recommend it for use as underlay for our rubber pond liners to protect from sharp stones, debris and encroaching roots. It can also be used as pond liner overlay to protect from falling objects or sharp claws and beaks of animals that may visit your pond.

It’s also perfect as a protection layer for green roofs and is normally used as the first layer, protecting the rubber roof liner from the surface of the roof.


The Geotextile pond liner underlay is supplied in 2m widths, please select your required length from the drop-down box above.

When laying the Geotextile, always overlap each length by at least 3 to 5cm to be sure that adequate protection is provided for your rubber liner. This will allow for any slight movement as your liner is being positioned over the Geotextile.

Product Specifications

Our Geotextile is spunbound and not woven – this means that there are no small gaps in the material that could potentially allow sharp objects to work through, which is why it’s ideal for use under and over our pond liners and rubber sheet roofing.

Note: This material WILL float and therefore needs to be weighed down with aquatic soil, light shingle or some other substrate if used as overlay.

It should also be noted that due to capillary action your rubber liner should be folded over the edges of the Geotextile overlay to prevent water from escaping the pond through Geotextile.

3000CBR Geotextile is approximately 2 to 3mm thick and is very flexible.

This product weighs only 250gm / m²

Weight N/A

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Landflex 3000CBR Protective Fleece Matting

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