Horizontal End Suction Pump Long Coupled

Horizontal End Suction Pump


Close or long coupled horizontal end suction pump range, suitable for clean liquids without abrasives, which are not aggressive for the pump materials (solids content up to 0.2%), for water supply, heating air conditioning, cooling and circulation plants. Pumps in this range are also extensively used for fire fighting, irrigation, civil and industrial applications.

2″, 3″ and 4″ Diameters offered.

Manufactured for durability with cast iron casing and impeller, carbon/ ceramic mechanical seal and steel counter flanges.

For technical help and advice we recommend visiting our specialist Pump Division.

This range is supplied in accordance with the following agency specifications:

International Rescue Committee Logo


IRC (International Rescue Committee) order codes as follows:

Close coupled arrangement.

IRC/A3:44 – 2″ Water Pumpset (50m³/hour @ 15m head)

IRC/A3:45 – 2″ Water Pumpset (50m³/hour @ 30m head)

IRC/A3:46 – 2″ Water Pumpset (60m³/hour @ 50m head)

IRC/A3:47 – 3″ Water Pumpset (120m³/hour @ 20m head)

IRC/A3:48 – 3″ Water Pumpset (120m³/hour @ 50m head)

IRC/A3:49 – 3″ Water Pumpset (120m³/hour @ 80m head)

IRC/A3:50 – 4″ Water Pumpset (175m³/hour @ 30m head)

IRC/A3:51 – 4″ Water Pumpset (200m³/hour @ 80m head)

Pumps with Long Coupled arrangement carry the suffix ‘LC’

Product Specifications

Operating Conditions

Liquid temperature from -10C to +90C

Ambient temperature up to +40C

Total suction lift up to 7m

Maximum permissible working pressure up to 10 bar

Continuous duty


2-pole induction motor, 50Hz, 2900 rpm

Insulation class F

Motor suitable for use with frequency converter from 2.2kW

Protection IP 54

Constructed in accordance with  EN60034-1, EN60034-30



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