G6000 Geotextile, perfect root barrier or for green roofs
Geotextile roof liner protection

Geotextile Liner Protection: G6000 500g/m²


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Thick needlepunched nonwoven geotextile manufactured from 100% virgin polyethylene high tenacity fibres containing 1% active carbon black.
  • Optimised for maximum strength and performance – not mass
  • Available in wide widths to minimise construction costs
  • Manufactured from a unique blend of high tenacity fibres providing class leading durability
  • Virgin polypropylene for longevity 
  • Carbon Black for UV stability

It’s perfect as a protection layer for green roofs and is used as a protection layer over the rubber roof liner. This protects the liner from the planting medium above (soil, sand, gravel, clay) which can be quite heavy.


G6000 Geotextile is supplied in 6.00m widths, and is priced per m². Please use the drop down menu to select the amount of Geotextile you require.

When laying the Geotextile, always overlap each piece by at least 3 to 5cm to be sure that adequate protection is provided for your rubber liner.

Product Specifications

Our Geotextile is spunbound and not woven – this means that there are no small gaps in the material that could potentially allow sharp objects to work through, which is why it’s ideal for use over our rubber sheet roofing.

6000CBR Geotextile is approximately 3 to 5mm thick and is very flexible and easy to install.

This product weighs approximately 600gm / m²

Colour: Black

Weight N/A

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