Reverse Osmosis Water Purification: 300 l/hr

These units are able to extract potable water of a quality exceeding WHO (World Health Organisation) standards from virtually any contaminated water source (including brackish and saline water).

The equipment uses ultra-filtration or reverse osmosis depending on the level of pollution and the type of contaminants in the water to be cleaned. All models can be adapted to local water conditions.

The unit has a daily capacity of 7,200 litres, giving 5 litres of drinking water for 1,440 people, or 360 x 20 litre water containers.


Mobile Water Purification Unit, Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filtration.

  • Capacity: 300 litres per hour – 7.2m³ pd at +25C water temperature
  • Exceeds WHO water quality guidelines. Removes Arsenic, Fluoride, Pesticides and Micro-organisms
  • Power Source: 220 / 230 Volt, 50 / 60 Hz
  • Built into a sturdy weather resistant plastic box with integrated wheels for easy transport
  • 25 micron purifying filters
  • Self priming membrane pump
  • 55 bar operating pressure

Product Specifications

The different steps of the cleaning process are shown in the diagram below.

Weight 90 kg
Dimensions 100 × 80 × 40 cm

Downloads for this product:

BB300 Reverse Osmosis Unit