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Lightweight, rigid corrugated steel water storage tank. Easy to install and compactly packaged for worldwide transport. These tanks are ideal for installation in elevated position for gravity fed distribution. The steels are punched with 3 outlet holes for 3″ connectors: one hole is fitted with a blanking plate. The tank kit is supplied complete with steels,  flexible conical PVC coated polyester roof kit, hardwearing and durable reinforced waterproof EPDM rubber liner approved for potable water use, all necessary fixings and fittings, repair kit and installation instruction manual.

The tank has no base structure and can therefore be erected on any area of flat ground that has been cleared of debris.

This tank kit can be supplied according to the following agency specifications: 

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With Butyl Products Ltd. you can be sure you’re buying Oxfam tanks with WRAS approved rubber linings.

 WRAS Approved for water use

Our Oxfam tank liners are all reinforced EPDM rubber approved for drinking water use under WRAS certificate number: 1602516  


Corrugated steel sheets provide rigidity for the tank. Steel water storage Oxfam tanks must be adequately secured, particularly when they are empty of during periods of high winds. Using guy ropes and banking earth around the lower steel sections will greatly reduce risk of damage to the tank. Tank roof covers should always be well lashed down to avoid lifting in windy conditions.

Securely packed / palletised in ISPM15 heat treated plywood for worldwide transport.

IFRC & ICRC (Red Cross & Red Crescent) order codes:

KWATTANKR10 (10m³)

KWATTANKR45 (45m³)

KWATTANKR70 (70m³)

KWATTANKR95 (95m³)

UNICEF order codes:

S0009161 (7m³)

S0009208 (11m³)

S0009206 (45m³)

S0009207 (70m³)

S0009205 (95m³)

00050B (122m³)

International Rescue Committee (IRC) order codes:

T5SLR (7m³)

T11SLR (11m³)

T45SLR (45m³)

T70SLR (70m³)

T95SLR (95m³)

Oxfam order code:

T11/6 (11m³)

Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) order codes:

KWATKTANO11 (11m³)

KWATKTANO45 (45m³)

KWATKTANO70 (70m³)

KWATKTANO90 (95m³)


Product Specifications

  • Corrugated, galvanised steel panels, punched and curved to suit the tanks size. All panels galvanised to G450. Supplied with guy ropes for added stability and a full set of galvanised bolts, nuts and washers for assembly.
  • WRAS approved 1.25mm thick scrim reinforced EPDM watertight inner liner, fully vulcanised with a separate 3000CBR puncture resistant Geotextile to protect the liner from below.
  • PVC pitched roof supported by a central pole, with reinforced eyelets for securing to the  tank.
  • Rubber liner repair kit.
  • PVC Roof repair kit.
Weight N/A
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Downloads for this product:

Rigid Steel Tanks for Emergency AidAid Spec Tanks: Installation Manual

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