Sump Buddy Pump

Sump Buddy Cellar Pump

£62.99 excl. VAT

The Sump Buddy is a budget priced 230V, 0.15kW lightweight and compact submersible cellar pump, complete with sliding tube float for automatic operation. The sliding tube float replaces the cable float so that it can be used where there are space or sump limitations. The pump can be easily switched between manual and automatic operation.

It’s affordable, simple to use, super versatile and highly portable and can be used for a variety of other applications including basements, garages, flat roofs or even car parks.

Vort Buddy 400 can pump dirty water containing soft solids.

1 no. 1½” outlet with a step adaptor for 1″ and 1¼” hoses. The pump is supplied with 10 metres of power cable.


Sump Buddy Pump

Maximum flow rate: 135 litres / minute

Maximum head: 8m

Product Specifications

Approximate Dimensions: 200 x 300 x 400mm

Weight: 5kg

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