Tapstand Kits with Water Saving Taps


Tapstands manufactured from British standard galvanised steel water pipe supplied complete with taps. The tapstand has 4 legs that can be locked in any position using the patented key clamps and swivel feet. This feature enables the tapstands to be set up square and upright regardless of ground contours.

Our taps are lightweight and robust and work equally well in either high pressure or low pressure settings. They are easy to use and close firmly when not in use to prevent water wastage through constant dripping.

One tapstand can serve up to 1,000 people with 20 litres of water each in 12 hours. Each kit is securely packed in one ISPM15 heat treated plywood case suitable for export.

Our tapstand kits can be supplied in accordance with the following agency specifications:

IFRC & RCS ApprovedOxfam Logo UNICEF LogoSave the Children Logo


Agency order codes as follows:

IFRC & RCS (Red Cross & Red Crescent)

KWATRAMP06S (Tapstand with Galvanised SCAT taps)

KWATRAMP06T (Tapstand with ¼ turn taps)


DS/7 (Tapstand with aluminium Evenflow taps)

Save the Children

WA010 (Tapstand with stainless steel Talflow taps)


S0005831 (Tapstand with galvanised SCAT taps, digging tools, hose and fittings)

Product Specifications

Water pressure at the tap is determined by the height of the water source.

For improved water pressure it may be necessary to increase the head between the base of the water storage tank and the tapstand.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Downloads for this product:

Taps & Tapstands General InformationWater Saving Talflo Taps

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