WEDA 70 Electric Submersible Pump 6″

The WEDA 70 is a heavy duty 6″ (4″) dewatering pump with built in motor phase failure protection and correct rotation control. The unit is easily maintained with wear resistant diffuser and impeller materials.

This model accommodates the WEDA instant service pack allowing seals, impeller and other parts to be easily changed on site in just a few minutes.

The WEDA 70 is offered with a 400V motor.

Optional float and zinc anodes are available.


  • Robust design
  • User friendly
  • Wear resistant wet end in CR-alloy steel and natural rubber
  • Adjustable wear parts
  • Complete seal pack for easy and fast service
  • Built-in contactor for DOL start
  • Easy installation

Designed for

  • Heavy duty pumping of abrasive liquids
  • Maximum submersible depth of 20m (66ft)
  • Maximum liquid temperature +40C (+104F)
  • Maximum density of liquid, 68 lbs/ft³ (1,100 kg/m³)
  • pH of liquid between 5-8
For technical help and advice we recommend visiting our specialist Pump Division.


The WEDA pump range is designed for the performance, ease of use and reliability that you need. They are suitable for dewatering applications across multiple industries and are a cost effective solution to your dewatering requirements.

WEDA pumps are made for durability and promise optimal performance for your application.

The unique sealing system and modular design make this pump range one of the most flexible on the market.

WEDA Standard Features

WEDA Standard Features

Product Specifications


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Unit Low Head High Head
Max. Head m 32 65
Max. Flow







Rated Output kW 11.8 11.8
Max. Power Input kW 14 13.8
Rated Current (110v) A
Rated Current (230v) A
Rated Current (400v) A 23 25
Rated Current (500v) A 18 18
Shaft Speed rpm 2900 2900
Discharge Connection inch 6″ (4″) 4″ (6″)
Max. Solid Handling Size mm 7 7

Weight & Dimensions

Weight & Dimensions
Unit Low Head High Head
Weight kg 95 95
Length mm 911 911
Width mm 395 395
Circumference mm 360 360

Downloads for this product:

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