Butyloo Single Latrine Unit for Pits / Trenches
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Butyloo® Single Latrine

The new Butyloo unit is manufactured in the UK using lightweight, economical, washable and completely UV stable materials. The Butyloo unit provides hygienic, secure and private latrine stations that can significantly reduce odours and therefore do not attract vermin, flies and other disease vectors. The Butyl Products Butyloo is suited to both pit style latrines and trenches and can be used as single or multiple units.

Other products in the Butyloo range include raised latrine units with self contained sewage isolation bags, making waste easier to manage or dispose of, shower units and  handwashing stations – all offered in modular format to allow for a variety of configurations depending on requirement. Easy to assemble, the Butyloo single latrine unit requires no tools and can be fully assembled in a little under an hour.


Butyl Products order code: BUTYLOO

Product Specifications

Size when built: 1.22m x 0.82m x 2.02m high including squatting plate.

Weight 40 kg

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