Flexigester® Anaerobic Digestion System

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The Flexigester ‘V’ Kits are a range of anaerobic digestion systems manufactured from flexible black butyl rubber that capture, isolate and treat organic wastes and converts them into biofertiliser and biogas. The biogas can be collected and stored in bespoke biogas bags with a unique regulation system. This biogas is suitable for use as a cooking fuel to replace wood, charcoal or kerosene. The biofertiliser can be used as a soil improver to help promote plant growth.

The Flexigester can be partnered with additional gas bags, a pasteu panel for enhanced pathogen kill and/or wrap over compost system to produce a solid soil improver.

Because we manufacture the Flexigester under license from Sustainable OneWorld Technologies C.I.C (SOWTech) in the UK we are also able to offer bespoke and one off sized Flexigesters if required. If the capacity you need or your available footprint area differs from those suggested, please contact us and we will do our very best to assist you with your requirements.

Please take a look at the downloads tab for details of recent projects where the Flexigester has been successfully installed.


Flexigester is an anaerobic digestion system that can use waste from the community to promote health, agriculture and employment. It helps to protect the environment, produces biogas that can replace charcoal and wood as a fuel source and captures plant nutrients so that they can be returned to the land to improve crop growth.

The biogas produced by the Flexigester is a smokeless fuel so helps to maintain a cleaner kitchen and reduce smoke related respiratory problems.

The system can be attached directly to a pour flush toilet, capturing all the sewage. Removing the waste from the vicinity can help to keep latrines free from odours and removes access to potential breeding grounds for flies and vermin, therefore assisting in preventing the spread of disease.

Waste water from kitchens and latrines is often disposed of in pits where it soaks away and is lost and can contaminate groundswater; the Flexigester retains all the water that is added to it, allowing it to be reutilised on the land as liquid fertiliser.

Further information on the Flexigester Systems can be found at www.flexigester.com

Product Specifications

Footprint area required for Flexigester:

Please note that further ground area will be required for Gas Storage Bags (this does not have to be close to the Flexigester) and for any associated pipework / mixing tanks or Soil Donuts if required.

  • V10 requires 16m x 3m. It has a capacity of 10,000 litres which, at a retention time of 60 days is suitable for around *40 people.
  • V20 requires 17m x 4m. It has a capacity of 20,000 litres which, at a retention time of 60 days is suitable for around *75 people.
  • V40 requires 18m x 5m. It has a capacity of 40,000 litres which, at a retention time of 60 days is suitable for around *150 people.
  • V80 requires 20m x 6m. It has a capacity of 80,000 litres which, at a retention time of 60 days is suitable for around *300 people.

* Indicative figures for illustration only and dependant on volume of input per person.

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