Butyloo Raised Latrine with Integral Sewage Isolation
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Butyloo® Raised Latrine

The new Butyloo -RL (Raised Latrine) is a self contained unit that stores waste safely until it can be emptied by truck or transferred to a Flexigester AD or similar system. The flexible rubber Sewage Isolation Bag sits safely within the steel platform and is airtight: therefore producing no odours and attracting no vermin, flies or other disease vectors.

The SIB (sewage isolation bag) has a 1,500 litre capacity and will require emptying only once every 10 to 20 days based on use by 20 people per latrine per day. The raised latrine system can be used on any flat area of ground and does not require latrine pits or trenches. The raised platform is manufactured using G450 galvanised corrugated steel panels and provides a sturdy base for the double latrine unit and protection for the Sewage Isolation Bag. Steps and handrails are supplied as standard.

The latrine units are manufactured in the UK using lightweight, economical materials and are completely UV stable and easily washed down. The unit is easy to assemble using only 2 spanners, and can be built by 2 people in under 3 hours.


Butyl Products order code: BUTYLOO-RL


Product Specifications

External dimensions when built: 2.27m Ø x 2.85m high

Weight 180 kg

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