Bespoke Circular Pond Liner – No Flange


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NEW ! Lower prices, save up to £3.00/m²

Manufactured using superior quality British Butyl Rubber

Vertical sided circular welded pond liner manufactured in the UK from 1mm Butyl Rubber by our fully trained technicians. All of our liners are supplied complete with an automatic manufacturer’s guarantee. We always fully weld our pond liners for added durability and strength. We never use tape or glue.

Use this calculation tool to price simple straight sided circular pond liners with no shelves or bottom sumps / drains.

For more complex shapes, or to include shelves or planting margins please use the Contact Us form to attach a drawing of your pond with all dimensions included and we’ll be happy to provide a personal quotation for your exact requirements at a surprisingly good price.

Take a look at our Pond Materials Guide or download our Guide to Great Ponds from the tab below.

Current Lead Times

Due to exceptional demand, our delivery times are a little longer than we’d like, but rest assured we’re working hard on completing your orders as quickly as possible for as long as we are able to do so.

We make all of our bespoke circular welded liners to order, our current lead time is 3 weeks.


Our Underlay / Overlay is a 2.5-3mm thick spunbound Polypropylene material in black that is designed to be puncture resistant and is ideal for protecting your pond liner from roots, small pebbles or rough/uneven concrete and wooden surfaces. Our specification sheet can be downloaded from the tab below.

Butyl rubber remains the top choice for professional pond builders and water gardeners due to its highly flexible, durable nature and because it is totally non-toxic and does not harm any aquatic or plant life.

It is long lasting and completely UV stable so will not crack or split if left exposed to normal sunlight.

Product Specifications

Please note that when your order is delivered, it will be wrapped in protective geotextile to avoid damage while in transit. Please fully unwrap your package to find your rubber liner and any additional geotextile safely inside.
Bespoke Product

Circular Box Welded Liner, No Flange

Downloads for this product:

Butyl Products Guide to Building a Great Pond0.75mm & 1.00mm Butyl Rubber SpecificationG3000 Underlay / Overlay

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