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Easy Up Berm Corner Frame

‘Easy Up’ Spill Containment Berm


Our Easy Up Berm is a secondary containment solution that’s ideal for use in harsh conditions and designed to protect surrounding ground areas against spillage  from containers filled with hazardous fuels, oils, chemicals and acids up to a maximum capacity of 200,000 litres. The berm is easily transported from location to location and is fully re-usable. Easy Up berms are manufactured in a variety of commonly used sizes, but we are also able to manufacture to bespoke sizing requirements if there is a need.

Please contact us with your sizing / capacity needs and we will be pleased to provide a quotation.


The Frame: Robust steel framework incorporating 26mm Ø (medium duty) or 42mm Ø (heavy duty) galvanised steel pipe with cast aluminium fittings secured and locked into position by hexagon socket screws.

The Berm: Fabricated from nylon reinforced Elvaloy 0.90mm thick with a tensile strength of 265 DaN/5cm and Hydrostatic resistance 4.1MPa. 

Product Specifications

Commonly used sizes:

3.0mx 3.0m x 0.3m high (2,700 litres)

9.0m x 6.0m x 0.3m high (16,200 litres)

10.5m x 6.0m x 0.6m high (18,900 litres)

10.5m x 9.0m x 0.6m high (54,000 litres)

15.0m x 9.0m x 0.6m high (80,000 litres)

14.0m x 13.0m x 0.6m high (100,000 litres)

18.0m x 16.0m x 0.6m high (150,000 litres)

21.5m x 17.0m x 0.6m high (200,000 litres)

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

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