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Mushroom Vent for Fuel BladderFlame Trap for Fuel Storage Bladders

Flexible Fuel Storage Bladders


Robust and durable fuel storage bladders available in a variety of sizes, with capacities ranging from 1,000 to 100,000 litres – for use with diesel, Jet fuels (A1, JP4, 5 and 8) and petroleum. Bladders are manufactured from tough 1.2mm thick polyurethane with reinforced corner mouldings and integral tie-down holes. Each bladder has 2 outlets to one side of the tank with a further top outlet fitted with either a mushroom vent, plug or with an optional flame trap assembly where necessary. All bladder tanks are supplied with all necessary tools, instruction manual and repair kit. Bladders with capacities greater than 60,000 litres are manufactured with 2 x 4″ top outlets.

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Flame Trap / Vent Assembly 350mm for flexible fuel storage bladders

ATEX compliant and certified flame arresting safety vent designed for use with tanks containing fuels. The large flat stabiliser plate keeps the unit upright in partially filled tanks. The unit is manufactured from Stainless steel and anodised Aluminium.

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Product Specifications

Maximum height of bladder when filled:

  • 1,000 litre bladder should be no more than 0.50m high
  • 2,000 and 3,000 litre bladders should be no more than 0.60m high
  • 5,000 litre bladder should be no more than 0.70m high
  • 10,000 litre bladder should be no more than 1.00m high
  • 15,000 litre bladder should be no more than 1.10m high
  • 20,000 litre bladder should be no more than 1.20m high
  • 30,000 and 40,000 litre bladder should be no more than 1.30m high
  • 50,000 to 100,000 litre bladder should be no more than 1.50m high
Weight N/A

Downloads for this product:

Fuel Storage Bladder Data SheetFlame Trap Assembly Data SheetCase Study: Fuel Storage System, Malawi.

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