ERU Water & Sanitation: Module 15 (M15)

The M15 module is part of the complete water and sanitation Emergency Response Unit and is one of three modules (other modules are M40 and MSM20). This module provides equipment to treat and distribute up to 225,000 litres of safe drinking water per day for populations sizes up to 15,000 people. The storage capacity of this unit is 200,000 litres per day and also provides limited sanitation and hygiene promotion for up to 5,000 people. The M15 module incorporates distribution and trucking capability of up to 75,000 litres per day and can therefore respond to three to five densely populated locations. The kit configuration allows for a maximum of nine different storage and distribution points in total. All equipment is securely packed for air freight according to IATA regulations.

This kit is supplied in accordance with the following agency specifications:

IFRC & RCS Approved




IFRC & RCS (Red Cross & Red Crescent) order code: UWATMM15COMP

Product Specifications

General Kit Contents:

  • Water treatment units providing 4m³ / hour at 100NTU
  • Flexible pillow tank kits, each kit capacity 12m³
  • Surface and submersible pump kits for both water and trash handling
  • Water quality testing kits
  • Tool kits, adaptors, fittings and spares
  • Rigid corrugated water storage tanks, capacity 70m³
  • Hoses, pipework and chemicals included for 1 months operation
  • Distribution and trucking equipment including pumps, pipework, 10m³ rigid corrugated tanks, 10m³ flexible pillow tanks, tapstands, adaptors and spares
  • Latrine digging equipment including wheelbarrows, shovels, hoes, pickaxes and saws with squatting slabs and slab moulds
  • Vector control manual backpack  sprayers and insecticides
  • Personal protective clothing kits
  • Personal water storage equipment: buckets, jugs, basins & bowls
  • Woven plastic tarpaulins for privacy / screening
  • Nylon and polypropylene rope
  • Hygiene promotion Box A
Weight 2200 kg

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