ERU Mass Water & Sanitation: Module 20 (MSM20)

The MSM20 module forms part of the complete Water & Sanitation ERU, which also includes Modules 15 (M15) and 40 (M40). This module provides an integrated response to emergency sanitation and hygiene needs for up to 20,000 beneficiaries.

All equipment is securely packed for air freight according to IATA regulations.

This kit is supplied in accordance with the following agency specifications:

IFRC & RCS Approved



IFRC & RCS (Red Cross & Red Crescent) order code: UWATMMSMCOMP

Optional Accessories Include:

  • Motorised backpack sprayers
  • Body bags and slaked lime
  • Buckets, Chlorine and Water purification agents
  • Rapid latrine structures
  • Rock drill

Please add a note to your basket item if you would like to include pricing for any of the above options.

Product Specifications

General Kit Contents:

  • Water or fuel plastic storage drums, 200 litre
  • Personal protective clothing kits in a range of sizes
  • Boundary fencing netting and area delimitation tape
  • Large multi purpose tent with PVC roof, 48m²
  • Cold water pressure cleaner
  • Vector control manual backpack sprayers, insecticides and chlorine (NaDCC) granules
  • Buckets, bowls, measuring jugs and detergent
  • Nylon and polypropylene rope, tarpaulins, galvanised steel posts and tie wire
  • Latrine construction tool kit
  • Latrine cleaning kits
  • Hygiene promotion boxes A, B and C
  • Squatting plate kits with latrine digging tools
  • Rapid latrine cubicles, latrine slab moulds
Weight 14000 kg

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