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Flexible Water Bladder / Pillow Tanks



Our flexible water bladder tanks, sometimes known as layflat or pillow tanks are the strong, light and economical answer to instant water storage and transportation needs. the tanks are extremely mobile and can be unrolled and used on any area of flat ground that has been cleared of debris. They are ideally suited for harsh environments and suitable for potable water or waste water and chemical contaminant applications and can be used within CBRN approved systems.

1,000 to 50,000 litre capacities.

Suitable for all climates and easily installed by 2 people in around 15 minutes

Each standard tank includes all necessary installation tools, instruction manual and repair kit. All tanks can be supplied individually, with outlet valves and pipework, or as part of a kit to include pumps and distribution tapstands.  

Note: Fittings and accessories differ between various agencies, please ensure you have chosen the correct specification for your organisations needs.

Water Bladder kits can be supplied in accordance with the following agency specifications:

International Rescue Committee LogoIFRC & RCS ApprovedUNICEF LogoOxfam Logo Save the Children Logo


 Agency order codes for flexible water bladder as follows:


S5006018 (1,500 litres)

S5006019 (5,000 litres)

S5006020 (10,000 litres)

S0005835 (15,000 litres)


TBT10/5 (10,000 litres)

Save the Children

WA002 (10,000 litres)

IFRC & RCS (Red Cross & Red Crescent)

KWATTANKP01 (1,000 litres)

KWATTANKP02 (2,000 litres)

KWATTANKP03 (3,000 litres)

KWATTANKP05 (5,000 litres)

KWATTANKP10 (10,000 litres)

KWATTANKP15 (15,000 litres)

International Rescue Committee (IRC)

IRC/A4:1 (1,000 litres)

IRC/A4:2 (2,000 litres)

IRC/A4:3 (3,000 litres)

IRC/A4:4 (5,000 litres)

IRC/A4:5 (10,000 litres)

IRC/A4:6 (15,000 litres)

IRC/A4:7 (20,000 litres)

IRC/A4:8 (30,000 litres)

IRC/A4:9 (40,000 litres)

IRC/A4:10 (50,000 litres)

Product Specifications

General Construction Detail

High quality water storage bladder with High frequency welded seams for strength and durability.

All bladders are fitted with reinforced corner mouldings with integral tie-down holes and an automatic pressure relief valve set at 1PSI (0.007N/m²) to prevent bursting through overfilling.

Heavy Duty Static use Water Tank Outlets:-

2 x 2″ BSP(F) Anodised aluminium screwed outlets installed to one side of the tank.

1 x 4″ BSP(F) Anodised aluminium screwed outlet with PP screwed plug incorporating an integral pressure relief valve at the top of the tank.

All tanks are packed in ISPM15 heat treated plywood cases suitable for export. Tanks can be multi packed for cost effective shipping if required.

Extra outlets can be provided to suit the tank application, please contact us if you have an alternative design in mind.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Downloads for this product:

Water Bladder Tanks information sheetWater Bladder Tanks Material SpecificationFlexible Water Bladder Installation Manual

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