Gas Resistant Membrane, Self Adhesive

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Our Landflex gas resistant self adhesive membrane is the same material as the ZRX self adhesive tape in a larger format and is ideal for use both vertically and horizontally where additional protection is required around lift pits, columns or any suitably prepared area of brickwork, concrete or steel.

The membrane is manufactured using aluminium / polythene laminate coating on one surface with a self adhesive layer and an aluminium foil core provides resistance to the passage of Methane, Radon and Carbon Dioxide gases and also serves a damp proofing membrane.


Landflex self adhesive gas resistant membrane offers excellent adhesion on suitably prepared surfaces, additional waterproofing / damp proofing protection and can be installed above and below ground.

Product Specifications

Supplied in 1.05m x 28.6m rolls

Product Code : BLTANKING

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Landflex Self Adhesive Gas Resistant Membrane

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