Inline Water Purification (B.A.T.S)

Butyl Aquatabs Tank System (BATS) is a dual dosing unit that provides a direct chlorine feed into Butyl Products Demountable Steel Tanks (Aid/O2/Oxfam models).

Butyl Aquatabs Tank System Key Features
• Ease of operation – Makes water chlorination simple and straightforward
• Affordability — One of the least expensive options for water treatment
• Very compact and easy to transport
• Safe to store and handle — The Aquatabs have a 5-year shelf life
• For disaster relief — Designed specifically for immediate response to disasters so clean and safe water can be provided for displaced families and communities


Inline Water Purification with the Butyl Aquatabs Tank System (BATS)

BATS is connected directly to the inlet feed for the tank and attaches to existing tank fittings for stability.
It can be supplied with a pump system capable of delivering 60 litres per minute; the recommended flow rate for the Aquatabs Inline unit.
The system integrates seamlessly into water treatment systems to enable ‘in-line’ chlorination and remove the need to manually add chlorine to the water.

No power is required for purification.

Tablets dissolve as the water flows, simply replace the cartridge when the tablets are fully dissolved to ensure safe water every time.
The system can be supplied with all new tank builds, but is also suitably designed to allow extremely simple retro-fitting to tanks already in operation in the field.

Product Specifications

The standard system comes complete with sufficient Aquatabs Inline cartridges to enable 2 million litres of water to be chlorinated. Subsequent replacement cartridges can be supplied separately or in addition.

The BATS unit is supplied pre-assembled in a case with all the necessary parts to attach to the inlet of a steel corrugated water storage tank.

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Inline Water Purification with Butyl Aquatabs Tank System

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