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Steel Panel Kits for Water Storage Tanks


Corrugated galvanised steel panels curved and drilled to form a round, rigid water tank 6.4m Ø x 3.0m high. Panels are drilled with 14mm holes on all sides. Minimum tensile strength of all panels is 90kN. Two sheets are drilled with 95mm hole to accept a 3″ flange assembly. One sheet has a 95mm hole drilled in the centre of the sheet and is blanked by a 225mm square plate. A roof is recommended for the rigid steel tank unless it is being used for sedimentation purposes.

When linking several tanks together fittings kit (Oxfam code: TF/3) and spiralled flexible hose should be ordered separately. When setting up the rigid steel tank, a scaffold tower and ladder are recommended.

These kits are supplied in accordance with the following agency specification:

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Oxfam order codes:

T45S/2 for 45m³ tanks.

T70S/2 for 70m³ tanks.

T95S/2 for 95m³ tanks.

International Rescue Committee (IRC) order code: T45S

UNICEF order codes:

S0009161/S (7m³ Tanks)

S0009206/S (45m³ Tanks)

S0009207/S (70m³ Tanks)

S0009205/S (95m³ Tanks)

00050B/S (122m³ Tanks)

Product Specifications

Galvanised corrugated steel sheets comprising panels 3.0m long x 0.8m high punched and curved to suit 6.4m diameter tanks.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

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