Telescopic Underfloor Ventilator & Extensions

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Adjustable underfloor ventilator to be used in conjunction with Air Brick

Vertical height can be adjusted to suit between 3 and 5 courses of brickwork (225-375mm) with a minimum cavity width of 50mm.

Components in this range:

  • Periscope vent (with no additional extensions).
  • Vertical extension piece.
  • Horizontal rear extension piece.
  • Horizontal front extension piece.

Satisfies all NHBC standards and manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001.

Meets all applicable British Standards and complies with all relevant Building Regulations.


Periscope Underfloor Ventilator – can be adjusted for a step of 3, 4 or 5 brick courses.

Horizontal Front Extension Piece – fits between the airbrick and upper front opening of the periscope vent for external walls of more than 102.5mm thickness and up to 215mm (further pieces can be fitted and trimmed for greater width wall thicknesses).

Vertical Extension Piece – fits between the upper and lower parts of the telescopic underfloor vent for a vertical step of more than 5 brick courses (additional pieces can be stacked together to achieve required height).

Horizontal Rear Extension Piece – fits into the lower rear opening of the periscope vent for cavity widths between 50-150mm or for internal walls of more than 100mm thickness (maximum 200mm).

The underfloor ventilator system is light and easy to handle yet made from extremely tough and robust injection moulded polypropylene that is totally resistant to rot and decay.

Available in BLACK only.

Product Specifications

Product Codes :

Horizontal front extension – BLZR40

Horizontal rear extension – BLZR40R

Preiscopic Vent – BLZR42

Vertical extension – BLZR43

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Telescopic Underfloor Ventilator & Extensions

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