Vertical Multi Stage Pump

Vertical Multi Stage Pump


Vertical mounted multi stage pump with suction and delivery connections of the same diameter and arranged along the same axis (in-line). Corrosion resistant bearing sleeves lubricated by the pumped liquid. The pump has a thrust bearing and sleeve coupling for use with any standard motor of IM V1 construction.

The range is suitable for a variety of applications including water supply systems and clean non-explosive liquids without solid, filamentary or abrasive matter. It is universally used for pressure boosting systems, fire extinguishing systems, high pressure washing plants, irrigation, agricultural, sport installations and civil and industrial purposes.

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This range is supplied in accordance with the following agency specifications:

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IRC (International Rescue Committee) order codes as follows:

IRC/A3:37 – 2″ Water Pumpset (15m³/hour @ 150m head)

IRC/A3:38 – 2″ Water Pumpset – (20m³/hour @ 150m head)

IRC/A3:39 – 2.5″ Water Pumpset (16.2m³/hour @ 260m head)

IRC/A3:40 – 3″ Water Pumpset (40m³/hour @ 150m head)

IRC/A3:41 – 3″ Water Pumpset (55m³/hour @ 150m head)

IRC/A3:42 – 4″ Water Pumpset (70m³/hour @ 150m head)

IRC/A3:43 – 4″ Water Pumpset (85m³/hour @ 150m head)

Product Specifications

Operating Conditions

Temperature of liquid: from -15C to +110C

Operating environment temperature: up to +40C

Maximum permissible pressure in pump casing: 25 bar


Standard type: 2-4 pole induction motor, 50Hz

Construction IM V1 (EN 60034-7)

Motor suitable for operation with frequency converter

Classification scheme IE2 for 3 phase motors from 0.75kW to 5.5 kW, IE3 from 7.5 kW

Insulation class: F

Protection: IP55

This pump series complies with European Regulation no. 547/2012

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