Steve Gauci

| 02/08/16
Job Title
Supply Chain Manager
+44 (0) 7803 330 005

With 20 years in Supply Chain Management, Steve is our perfect choice to oversee and coordinate our Supply Chain both within Butyl and among our suppliers and end users. He has a great team to work with and enjoys the variety of the goods and services we provide which makes every day a different challenge. Finding the right product for our client and getting it there on time is what he and his team do best. We're lucky they're so good at it !

In his free time he's often found watching one of the many sports that interest him, particularly football with West Ham being his team of choice.

Bucket List item: Since he's already flown a plane, he has a list of countries to work his way through now... who doesn't love to travel after all?

Primary Address
Billericay, Essex, UK