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Since waterproofing is an important aspect of any green roof project, it is important to select the right material. It should be impermeable to rainwater, protecting the roof structure from water damage and damp. It needs to be flexible enough to cope with small shifts in the substrate as the roof settles. It should be UV stable so it doesn’t crack or split if left exposed to natural sunlight and other weather conditions.

We offer flat sheet rubber roof liners manufactured at our Billericay premises to your exact size in 1.00mm Butyl rubber. Butyl rubber ticks all the boxes for a strong, flexible and long lasting liner for your green roof project.

You’ll also need puncture resistant protection both above and below your liner to protect it from damage. Please see our liner protection Geotextile options. Generally a thinner layer is placed below the rubber liner, and a thicker layer is placed above to protect the liner from your growing medium (soil, clay, gravel).

Our geotextile protection materials for use as underlay & overlay are supplied in the following format:

Thinner underlayer: G3000 250g/m² spunbound puncture resistant polypropylene (Black)

Thicker overlayer: G6000 600g/m² spunbound puncture resistant polypropylene (Black)

If you need help calculating the sheet size you need, try our tool above.
Please remember that you’ll need at least 300mm (approx. 1ft) overlap to allow you to fix your liner properly around the edges or over / under eaves, so the ‘depth’ figure should be at least 0.30m or more. This will give you enough material to fix your roof liner securely into position.
Current Lead Time

Due to exceptional demand, our delivery times are a little longer than we’d like, but rest assured we’re working hard on completing your orders as quickly as possible.

We make all of our green roof liners to order, so you should expect delivery within 2 weeks from placement of order.


If you’d like to include downpipes, upstands, angled edging or even allow for a skylight in the roof liner, please Contact Us and attach your sketch or drawing detailing where they need to be placed and we’ll be pleased to provide a bespoke quotation for your exact requirements. 
Alternatively, just give us a call on 01277 653 281 and one of our team will be pleased to discuss your project with you.

When we make your butyl rubber green roof liner, it’s all vulcanised (heat welded) in our factory for extra strong permanent seams. We never use tape or glue to make our rubber liners. With our liner configuration tool you need never pay for more material than you need.

Our Butyl rubber is totally UV stable and non toxic for all forms of aquatic and plant life.

Product Specifications

Our flat sheet Butyl rubber liners carry a 20 year guarantee and have an expected working lifetime of around 50 years.

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Butyl Rubber Green Roof Liner

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1.00mm Butyl Rubber SpecificationTypical Green Roof Arrangement

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