EmWat 15000 Water Treatment Unit

For Clean, Safe Water

The EmWat 15000 produces safe drinking water from any fresh water source at a rate of 15,000 litres per hour.

This unit is ideally suited for use in refugee / IDP camps, villages and any situation where there is need for a system that is mobile, reliable and quick to set up on location in order to provide large quantities of safe water.



Where no infrastructure for distributing the safe water is available, it is highly recommended that flexible water bladders / pillow tanks are added to the overall kit; they’re easy to transport and are available in many different sizes. For more permanent water storage or for water storage where available space is limited, steel demountable tanks are also available.

Hoses and tap stations can also be supplied, each tap station is equipped with six hard-wearing self closing taps, making it easy to distribute water to large numbers of people while minimising water wastage.

If the above kit option is required please add a note to the item in your basket and we will be pleased to provide pricing for all of your requirements.

Product Specifications

Water bladder / pillow tanks are available with capacities up to 100,000 litres.

Steel demountable water storage tanks from 1,960 litres to 1.2 million litre capacities.

Tap stations are easy and quick to assemble with all galvanised steel construction for durability and adjustable legs for uneven ground.

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EmWat 15000 Water Treatment Unit

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