Self Supporting Flexible Onion Tanks


Self supporting flexible Onion tank manufactured from heavy duty food grade reinforced PVC. Onion tanks are ideal where instant or emergency liquid storage is required. The Onion tank is easily cleaned and therefore suitable for storing raw, waste or drinking water, or for in tank flocculation and environmental spill collection.

Capacities range from 5,000 to 30,000 litres and they require only an area of flat level ground for installation. They are suitable for all climates with temperatures ranging between -30C and +70C.

Onion tanks can be supplied in accordance with the following agency specifications:

 International Rescue Committee LogoIFRC & RCS ApprovedICRC Logo Oxfam LogoSave the Children Logo


Installation time from only a few minutes for 1 person.

Note: Fittings and accessories differ between various agencies, please ensure you have chosen the correct specification for your organisations needs.

Agency Order codes as follows:


TRR10/4 (10,000 litre)

TRR30/5 (30,000 litre)

IFRC (Red Cross & Red Crescent) / ICRC

KWATTANKO05 (5,000 litre)

KWATTANKO10 (10,000 litre)

KWATTANKO20 (20,000 litre)

Save the Children:

WA003 (30,000 litre)


S5006036 (30,000 litre supplied with 4 x S0005831 Water distribution kits)

International Rescue Committee (IRC):

TRR10 (10,000 litre)

TRR15 (15,000 litre)

TRR20 (20,000 litre)

TRR30 (30,000 litre)

Product Specifications


  • Base cloth PES / PES
  • Cloth weight 1100g/m²
  • Base cloth construction Panama 2/2 275g/m²
  • Construction 12/13 threads per cm
  • Coating calendar Dull
  • Breaking strength 4000N / 5cm + 6000N / 5cm
  • Tear strength 600N
  • Adhesion 90N / 5cm
  • Temperature resistance -30C to +70C
  • Colour Beige 46002
  • Special properties selected for contact with potable water and food

Each standard onion tank is fitted with 2 x 3″ BSP (F) Anodised aluminium outlets with male adaptors and 3″ BSP (F) brass gate valves.

The tanks are supplied complete with circular groundsheet, circular UV resistant food grade roof cover with an integral foam flotation block, repair kit and instruction manual.

Onion tanks can be securely packed individually or multi packed in ISPM15 heat treated plywood cases ready for export if required.


Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Downloads for this product:

Onion Tank General Information SheetOnion Tanks Material SpecificationMulti Lingual Onion Tank Instruction Manual

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