Hygiene Promotion Box B

Hygiene Promotion Box B

Hygiene promotion should always be considered as part of any emergency response operation involving the supply of safe water and sanitation facilities. Hygiene promotion boxes contain necessary items that are essential to the implementation of hygiene promotion activities in emergencies. Box B contains required additional electronic (IT) equipment to conduct key hygiene promotion activities for up to 10,000 beneficiaries at multiple sites. Box B is best combined with 2 Hygiene Promotion Box A when conducting activities at community level.

This kit is supplied in accordance with the following agency specifications:

IFRC & RCS Approved


IFRC & RCS (Red Cross & Red Crescent) order code: KSANHYGP01B

Box B is best combined with Hygiene Promotion Box A but can be supplied as an individual kit if required.

Disaster Response Kit 10 (KWATNEACK10) contains 1 Hygiene Promotion Box B

ERU Mass Sanitation Module 20 (UWATMMSMCOMP) contains 1 Hygiene Promotion Box B  

Product Specifications

Hygiene Promotion Box B general list of contents

  • Digital camera with waterproof camera case
  • Laminating Kit
  • Laptop and Printer
  • Digital Projector and portable Projector Screen


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