Steel roof kit
Galvanised tank with steel roof

Roof Kits for Steel Tanks


Steel Roof Option

Steel roof suitable for ‘Oxfam’ type tanks (T45, T70 and T95) with 6.4m Ø. They are ideal for semi permanent installations and in areas where severe snow, wind or rain is normal. The roof kit is supplied with a top hinged inspection hatch cut into one of the panels to allow easy access for dosing etc. The steel roof provides extra rigidity, strength and protection for the tank and can extend the tank service life considerably.

PVC Roof Option

Complete PVC roof kit for rigid corrugated steel water storage tank. Contains all necessary items to install and secure the roof including PVC coated polyester roof material manufactured to suit the size of the tank with eyelets, roof support assembly, polypropylene rope, repair kit.

Roof kits can be supplied according to the following agency specifications:



IFRC & RCS Approved

Oxfam LogoInternational Rescue Committee Logo


Please Note: The PVC tank roof kit is not designed to withstand snow falls – this may cause substantial damage to the roof and the tank. The roof cover should be removed during snow fall seasons or the Steel Roof Kit (Oxfam code: TSR/2) should be used.

Oxfam order codes:

TSR/2 for Steel Roofs

TUR/2 for PVC Roofs

IFRC & ICRC order codes:

KWATTANKR10R for 10m³ PVC Roof Kits

KWATTANKR45R for 45m³ PVC Roof Kits

KWATTANKR70R for 70m³ PVC Roof Kits

KWATTANKR95R for 95m³ PVC Roof Kits

International Rescue Committee (IRC) order code: TSR

UNICEF order codes:

S0009161/R (7m³)

S0009206/R (45m³)

S0009207/R (70m³)

S0009205/R (95m³)

00050B/R (122m³)

Product Specifications

Each steel roof kit is supplied with:

  • 3.07m long roof panels, one with access hatch cut
  • Base plate, centre plates and poles for roof support system
  • Access hatch to fit cut panel, comes with hasp for padlock
  • DANGER DEEP WATER sticker for outside of tank
  • Sufficient support brackets, nuts, bolts and washers for assembly and fixing to tank
  • Full assembly instructions
  • Roof retaining straps

Each PVC roof kit is supplied with:

  • uPVC cover with hem
  • 6mm Polypropylene rope supplied in coils for fitting to ridge plate
  • Pipes, eyenuts and connectors
  • Repair kit, base stand and ridge plate
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Downloads for this product:

Flexible PVC Roof Material Specification

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